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transaction charges – Consolidating P2PKH outputs

transaction charges – Consolidating P2PKH outputs


I’ve hundreds of UTXOs that have been created for experimental functions again in 2016.
These have been created programmatically utilizing P2PKH transactions, every producing lots of of 10K-ish sat outputs.

Since these are actually price just a few hundreds $, I might prefer to consolidate these outputs (and retrieve them to some pockets for comfort).

Nonetheless, given the present charge market (on avg, above 50sat/vB, for some time now), every transaction I tried to construct seems to be tremendous heavy and therefore requires paying charges that quantity for greater than 60% of the entire worth transacted (or it would be caught within the mempool eternally).

So far as I perceive, as a result of the inputs all have P2PKH scripts, there isn’t a manner to make use of SegWit, Taproot, and so forth.

Any suggestion on how you can deal with this example?




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